Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Date: 6 March 2010.
Event: Volunteer House Painting with Kelana A.(Rovers)
Venue: Near Pekan.
Participants: about 6 people. ;|

I got a text message from Abang Lie saying that they wanted to paint this old folks home near Pekan, atleast thats what I understood from the message. I wasnt doing much, so I figured to tag along. This was one Kelana A activity in a long time & plus, I need to get to know them better.

I drove alone to this place. To me it feels quite far seeing the fact that I drove an old dying mercedes. If this thing gets busted near Pekan, i dont know what im going to tell my mom.

Upon reaching, I realized that it wasnt an old 'folks' home, it was an old 'folk' home..
An old woman folk to be precise. It was a very small, what I would call "pondok". 1 hall, 1 kitchen and 1 batchroom attached to the back. Thats all. And plus, there were no electricity. I did feel a bit pitty for her. But in another sense, maybe she lives her life in a very simple manner, where else the city people, although more wealthy, lives in pressure and stresses of their own everyday life.

So in a way, '1' for makcik tua, and '0' for the urban zombies (that includes me).
& by the way, makcik tu sangat baik.

They started painting at about 10 am, I came about 11. One of the Kelana A members we call "mama" brought some nasik lemak & mee and set them up on the table beside the house. There were also some drinks.

It was a very hot day, I remembered leaving my slippers outside, and wore the "terompah neraka" afterwards.

We all did what we can. I can see Abg Lie was the hardest worker. I did most of the paint undercoats inside the house.

We finished about 5 or 6 pm. And We went back to Kuantan together using the road next to the beach.
The view was breath taking, and it was a nice ending to the very tiring day.

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